Media and Cultural Criticism

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


This is a mini-essay consisting of theory on semiotics, the analysis of an advert, and the subvertion of the meaning of that advert. Your paper will thus contain the following components:

A theoretical section that offers a definition of ‘semiotics’, ‘signs’, ‘denotation’ and ‘connotation’. Draw on a minimum of 4 relevant academic sources for this. 

B textual analysis of a chosen advertisement. You will first review the denotation and then the connotation of the advert.

C discussion of how you subverted the meaning of your chosen advert, thereby criticizing consumer culture and/or drawing attention to a problem in society.

Formal requirements:
1. Compose an essay in Times New Roman 12 pt, double spaced, and justified.
2. Word count is 900, which means you should stay between 810 and 990 words. 
3. Include and introduction and a conclusion.
4. Include the original advert as well as your advertisement
5. Draw on a minimum of 4 academic and relevant sources.
6. Use correct, complete and consistent in-text referencing and a bibliography.