Medical Model of Disability

Medical Model of Disability

To prepare for this essay, you will need to:
1) You will be considering the concepts of the “Medical Model of Disability” and “Social Construction of Disability” from several different angles that include two international perspectives.
2) Read these three articles that I believe will help expand your conceptions of these models.  I anticipate that you will find terms or information that you will want to follow up on with further research.  (One thing leads to another!)
3) Using APA style, write a five to ten page essay discussing the Medical Model and the Social Constructionist Model of disability in light of the perspectives presented by the authors. (The instructor will not read beyond the tenth page–) This will include descriptions of the perspectives, and implications for research and practice.
Articles to read:
Anastasiou, D., & Kauffman, J. M. (2013). The social model of disability: Dichotomy between impairment and disability. Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, 38(4), 441-459.

Arneil, B. (2009). Disability, self image, and modern political theory. Political theory, 37(2), 218-242.

Goodley, D. (2001). ‘Learning difficulties’, the social model of disability and impairment: challenging epistemologies. Disability & Society, 16(2), 207-231.

Standard Essay Rubric

Criteria    In Progress
1-3pts    Proficient
4pts    Distinguished
Ideas and Concepts

____ x3=____

15 pts. Possible    Does not have a clear central idea and concepts, or does not respond appropriately to the essay topic. Central ideas are too vague to be developed. Sources may be misunderstood.    Central ideas and concepts are clearly communicated. The information is synthesized and provides some analysis beyond that which was done in class.

Central ideas and concepts are clearly communicated. Demonstrates synthesis of content, sophistication of thought, and analysis beyond that which was presented and discussed in class.

Organization & Coherence

5 pts. Possible    Essay has random organization, lacking internal paragraph coherence and using few or inappropriate transitions. Paragraphs do not relate to the essay’s central idea.    Shows a logical progression of ideas. Each paragraph clearly relates to the essay’s central idea. Information is presented in appropriate APA form in the essay.

All ideas and concepts in the essay flow logically. Sophisticated transitional sentences often develop one idea or concept from the previous one. Guides the reader through the chain of reasoning and presentation. A deeper understanding of APA style is evident in the essay.
Support/Use of Cited Text

5 pts. Possible    Depends on clichés or overgeneralizations for support or offers little in the way of citations. Information is not presented in appropriate APA form.    Offers reasons to support points. Ideas and generalization are developed and supported.
Uses well-chosen citations appropriately and effectively. Excellent integration of quoted material into essay.


5 pts. Possible    Contains many mechanical errors that impede the reader’s ability to comprehend the essay.    May contain a few errors but not to the point of impeding comprehension.

Almost entirely free of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. Adheres to APA guidelines.