Medical Perspective on Abortion through the Prism of Current Legal Trends Integration

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

This is an interdisciplinary research paper. It should contain legal and medical perspectives of the issue of abortion. The hypothesis: In the past decades stets like Texas, Alabama, Indiana, North Dakota and Mississippi passed the so called Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers (TRAP), which rely on complicated and costly regulations as tactic to shut down abortion facilities. Very often these legal decision are not based on solid scientific evidence, but rather on falsified statistics and common misconceptions. However the goal should be not banning or restrictions of abortions, but prevention of unintended pregnancies.

Rubric file is attached which contains requirements for the paper. Please pay attention, that outline is also required, even though it is not mentioned in the rubric.  Also added are Literature search file, which contains bibliography and extracts from different legal sources. In the paper in the Law part you should use Baum, Siefker, Roseberry, Ikemoto. In the Medical part you can use Drey, Finer, Gemzel, Grimes, Grossman.