Mental Health- Women Experiencing Postnatal

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Women experiencing postnatal depression


Task: TOPIC: Consumer-centred group education


Consumer-centred mental health nursing care implies that mental health consumers are active

participants in their care and that they are involved in shared decision making with nurses and other

health professionals. For this to occur, consumers and their families/carers might require information

and education regarding: specific mental disorders; therapeutic approaches; mental health services;

and support services and organisations. Nurses frequently provide mental health education to a

diverse range of consumers and their families, in a variety of health care settings, including inpatient

units, emergency departments, general practices, and community health services.


Referring to evidence-based literature,and the selected consumer group or their families/carers,

discuss the: benefits of consumer-centred or family-centred group education, potential barriers to

providing education for the selected consumer or family group, therapeutic communication

techniques nurses require to provide effective group education, application of these findngs to your

own nursing practice development.




You are advised to submit your assignment to Turnitin a few days before the due date and time so

that a report is generated, read by you, and any required changes can be made before the final

submission on the due date. You may  submit your assignmnet to Turnitin as many times as you

require until the due date and time.


Criteria: Introduction (10 marks)

-Introduces the topic and outlines the purpose of the essay

-Identifies the selected mental health consumer or family group

-Demonstrates a clear understanding of consumer-centred or family-centred group education




With reference to the selected mental health consumer or family group, and consultation with

relevant, evidence-based literature, discuss the:


-Benefits of consumer/family-centred group education (10 marks)


-Potential barriers to effective group education (10 marks)


-Therapeutic communication strategies nurses require to provide effective group education (10



-Relevance of the above findings for your own nursing practice development (10 marks)


Conclusion ( 5 marks)


-Summarises the major findings of the discussion

-Concludes the discussion


Combined (5 marks)


-Expresses ideas clearly and logically

-Uses correct grammar, spelling and reference model for in-text references and the reference list


See UTS Online for details of preparation and presentation of the assignment.