Mobile Banking

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


This research paper is about Mobile Banking and must reflect signs of understanding and creativity such as analysis, new ideas/solutions, future prospects etc. and not just collecting and summarizing material from the references.

Please make sure the references used in this research paper are not web links. The references used should be from journals or books ( I have attached the journals for the research paper)

Word Limit: 3,200 to 3,500 words lint does not apply to appendices, references and bibliography.

The research paper should include the following components:

1. Title page.
2. Table of contents.
3. Abstract
4. Main body of the research paper (Avoid descriptive approach to the topic and ensure that you engage in critical analysis of the topic).
5. References in the form of footnotes citing to the specific page of the relevant filed document, article and book. 
6. Bibliography in alphabetical order by surname of author must include webpage of prospectus, and all other documents cited in footnotes.