This paper is a continuation of this order 81263004. Every details needed can be found on the previous order. The essence of this paper is to improve the previous work and produce additional seven (7) pages making it 20 pages.

Please note: An outstanding performance with very strong evidence of:
an insightful and comprehensive grasp of the subject matter;
a clear ability to make sound and original critical evaluation of the material;
outstanding capacity for original creative and/or logical thought;
an excellent ability to organize, to analyze, to synthesize, to integrate ideas, and to express thoughts in writing.

Below information’s are the few errors identified from the previous work.

1-The background section of the paper tends to wander from issue to issue and then back again.

2-The focus on the oil sands is puzzling as it doesn’t adequately connect to the rest of the paper. Further, the background section might have discussed briefly (perhaps in a table) the various Canadian commitments and/or promises to reduce CO2 (e.g. Kyoto commitment, the Liberal proposal for a carbon tax, the Harper government’s stance, etc.).

3-The discussion about the theory is interesting (and repetitive) but it is first year economics. Perhaps a table comparing the two alternatives (you didn’t really get into the regulatory approach).

4-What would be the effect on the Canadian economy, competitiveness among other countries, production, and employment

5-Incorporate the externality theory and other economic theories that explains the topic.

6-Strong arguments to back your points

7-Use practical data to make your points.

Note: A single space three (3) or double spaced five (5) page outline is required for the entire paper and this should be uploaded before 12 days time.

I might upload additional articles.

It should be followed accordingly with the previous instructions. meanwhile, the new information that will produced based on the comments should be highlighted in red to differentiate them for future references