New Hire Education Tool ( Brochure Style)

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New Hire Education Tool Brochure Style
Create an educational or training tool for new nursing hires that describes the nurse’s role in the use of informatics and technology. 
Incorporate at least one theory (nursing theory, informatics theory, change theory, or other supporting theory) that relates to informatics in nursing. 
Ensure that the educational tool addresses the following points:
• Define nursing informatics.
• Describe the nurse’s roles and responsibilities in quality data management. 
• Explain why comfort with technology and informatics is important in patient care and administration.
• Identify ways the new nursing hire may become more comfortable with health care technology. 

Include four peer-reviewed resources, and develop an APA-formatted reference page.
Definition of nursing informatics is clear and complete, and it appropriately relates general informatics to nursing

Defines quality data management, and provides appropriate discussion of nurses’ roles and responsibilities

Relates nurses’ comfort with informatics to patient care and nursing administration

Provides realistic and appropriate strategies for new nursing hires to increase their comfort with informatics

Content or concepts are supported by peer-reviewed sources

Theory is incorporated appropriately: depending on the type of theory chosen, it may influence the format of the tool, how the tool is presented to new nursing hires, or the nurses’ use of the informatics in the workplace

Follows rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation