Northwind Marketing Repoert

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Data Analysis by SQL

You have to provide a report to managers in the Departments of Marketing, about the:

1) Customers behavior 
2) Products
3) Suppliers 
4) You should aim identify the main patterns in these behaviors and if there are any links between them. You should look for factors which might influence such behavior, either positively or negatively, and hence you should try to provide 
5) Recommendations of possible decisions. 

Marking Scheme: (This assignment is 50% of the Courses assessment)

Part Deliverables Marks possible:

1- Correct SQL statements. The results have been interpreted correctly.(30%)

2- Correct Hypotheses have been used and related. (20%)

3- Structure, quality and clarity of the report (10%)

4- Critical discussion, analysis and conclusions(40%)

You should use Word, Times New Roman, 12 point, and 1.5 spacing. Your total report should have a maximum of 20 pages. 

I will upload the Database of the company.