( Outline ) of a Research Paper

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


i will upload three files that describe the assessment .. one of them is about the assessment description, the other one has the articles ( references) that can be used and the third file has the title and the basic lines of writing the outline.. it has like headings and it clarifies the general structure that should be followed


Title: Ethical & Legal Issues of Patient e-Records: A Comparative Study Between Australia & Saudi Arabia.




  1. History of health e-records (General history) (When and where did they start?).
  2. What technology is used (Hardware, software,…etc.).
  3. Legal provisions and ethical standards/codes about the use of patient information (UN, WHO, governments…etc.).
  4. Laws and ethics in Australia and Saudi Arabia (Any problems happened, and still happening in these two countries).
  5. Aim of the study (Example: Given the legal and ethical problems associated with the use of patient e-records in both Australia and Saudi Arabia, this study aims at critically assessing the relevant laws, and codes of ethics of health professions, in both countries, and provide more advanced alternatives for the benefit of healthcare professionals and their patients.


Literature Review


  1. Give basic information from previous literature on the ethical and legal issues of patient e-records (Start from general information, and end with specific information about Australia & Saudi Arabia).


Research Methodology


  1. Published statistics by the Saudi Ministry of Heath, Australian ministries of heath (Federal or state ministries).


  1. Descriptive statistics (Figures, tables..etc.)


Discussion of Results


It should include the arguments




[What are your findings after the discussion]


it should be a summary for the main ideas

It is good to include the importance of writing this paper in a sentence or more.