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please note that I am an international student use simple English. 

I have already started the paper but I would like to add more information regarding the same topic and more research.
I will attach the paper I started. I would like you to do the following: 
Please read carefully the instructions of the paper. Please use these book: “Classics of Public Administration by Jay M. Shafrits & Albert C. Hyde” and . Please use from the classics book the following theorists: 1- The Scientific Management by Frederick Taylor. 2- A Theory of Human Motivation. Please Link those theories to the essay. Also, please add 2 – 3 sources from the web. 

I have Already done the following, but I want to give an idea about the main paper. 
This is the requirement: “Please respond to this question in essay style using APA format. Begin the essay with an introductory paragraph that provides your thesis statement, and at least supporting topics. Be sure to include an APA title page, in-text citations, and a reference page at the end of the paper. Question #1 Consider how the government in the United States operated between the mid-1700s to the current day. Explain what significant changes have occurred in our country that have changed the way federal, state, and local government are structured and operate. What contributions were made to the changing structure by classical public administration theorists. Provide examples, and cite all relevant sources. Remember to cite the original works, rather than a text book”


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