Patterns of Communication in Women and Men

Patterns of Communication in Women and Men

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Are Different Patterns of
Communication in Women
and Men Innately Determined?
YES: Louann Brizendine, from Th e Female Brain (Morgan Road
Books, 2006).
Brenda ]. Allen, from Difference Matters: Communicating
Social Identity (Waveland Press, 2004). Long Grove: IL.

As another example, it turns out that no study has actually counted the
number of words used by women and men in natural conversations, that is,
not until July 2007. In contradiction of Brizdendine’s claim that women utter
200,000 words to men’s 7,000 per day, Matthias Mehl and his colleagues
found over of period of 1 7 working hours women average 1 6,2 1 4 words and
men averaged 1 5,669, a highly statistically nonsignificant finding (Science,
val. 31).
Currently there i s less interest in examining sex differences i n language
and more emphasis on how people use language in everyday life to create
and maintain social realities. Mary Crawford points out that feminists have
worked to create a more gender-balanced language through the coining of
new words and putting old words to new uses. She notes that language is

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