People Management and Diversity Assessment Case Study of Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

restrict to all instruction

1. You are a member of a team of consultants called in by MidYorks NHS Trust to offer advice on the diversity issues it is facing. Drawing on your own experiences as well as the content from the course and answer all 4 questions below in the report

1.1 What are the diversity-related issues this organisation is facing?

1.2 What are some of the ways to resolve the issues the organisation is facing? ( example, Training is important, employees , Create the awareness of diversity , Look at Different needs, Identify training needs, Good diversity management policy, Reflect objective from top management ,Bench mark look at other organization how they good at it, share practices, learning from others ,Rewarding, Flexible working condition recognize different needs )

1.3 What challenges could you face in trying to resolve these challenges? (example, Importance of culture , System , Communication (technology, representatives from each department, newsletter, guess speaker)

1.4 How would you address these challenges?

FYI. 1.3 and 1.4 you can conclude it in the conclusion part of the report

2. Please read all of the uploaded files before start writing and must apply it in essay.

3. Please include list of references below in essay

3.1 Noon, M. (2007) ‘Managing equality and diversity’ in Claydon, T and Beardwell, J. ‘Human Resources Management: A Contemporary Approach’ 6th Edition (2010). FT/Prentice Hall.

3.2 Pettinger, R. (2006) ‘Introduction to Management’, 4th Edition, Palgrave MacMillan.

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3.5 Buckingham, M (2005) ‘What Great Managers Do’ Harvard

Business Review. March 2005 pp 70-79.
apply theory in the essay ,

write an essay base on real life also provide example.

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