Peri-anesthetic Care

Peri-anesthetic Care

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The assessment:

The aim of this assessment is to focus on 3 primary aspects of a patient’s surgical care within the operating suite. Choose a patient undergoing a surgical procedure, then explore and discuss the considerations for management provided to your patient in relation to the following:

• Risks associated with patient positioning (include reference to the impact on the integumentary system)
• Risks associated with the choices of anaesthesia (include reference to impact on cardiovascular system)
• Evidence based post operative management

In your discussion of the 3 primary aspects of the patient care outlined above, consider how risks to the patient can be migrated, managed and/or avoided specific to the procedure they are undergoing, and the anaesthesia/pacu they are administered.

The suggested format for this assessment is as follows:

Intro 150 words (completed)

Body 1700 words
– State the surgical positioning required and identify causes for potential risks to the patient
– Outline the choice of anaesthesia given, and relevant rationale and discuss the potential risks to the patient from this anaesthetic
– Identify and discuss the consideration in the pacu environment specific to your patients history, anaesthetic and surgical procedure

Conclusion (please do not do)