personal theory paper

personal theory paper

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Name of the textbook: Developing your theoretical orientation in counseling and psychotherapy

Go to chapter four of this textbook which is on page 55 and read more about the Adler theory

You will write a personal theory paper, which should be a minimum of 8 pages excluding cover page, abstract, and reference page. Pick one theory from your textbook

that closely aligns with your personality and belief system. Components of the Theory Paper include:

The first part of the paper should be an overview of your theory of choice. Use citations to address the new material that is learned. Be sure to support any

statements you make and show understanding with examples.

In the next section, explain why the theory fits you, and discuss specific techniques that you think you could use with your chosen theory. If there is any aspect(s)

of the theory that does not fit you, describe the area of strain and discuss how you might come to terms with the poor fit. Use citations as necessary, but make sure

that it is apparent that you understand the material by using your own words and examples whenever appropriate.

Find at least five (5) research articles (from a refereed journal) or book chapters (from an edited book) on the effectiveness or efficacy of the theory you chose. You

can definitely use more references as well as journals/websites that are not peer reviewed as long as it is a reliable source of information.

Summarize the effectiveness of your theory, according to the articles or chapters. Please include pertinent information (e.g., setting for the research, type of

individuals included in the sample, how the research was conducted, etc.). Did these articles provide evidence that supports your fundamental belief in the theory? Is

there anything that contradicts the theory?

Write a conclusion for your paper that highlights areas where the research aligned or did not align with your chosen theory, addresses the strengths and weaknesses of

the research, and describes how the research influenced your perceptions (positive or negative) about the theory. Identify whether there is a direction or area of

research that you need to look further into in the future so that you are more familiar with the theory. You can also identify another theory or potential techniques

that you think might be helpful in working with this theoretical framework.

The paper must be in APA format as outlined in the 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2010).