Persuasive Messages




Course title Management communication
Course code MGT 102
Credits 3 hours
Prerequisite(s) None
Study program(s) UGR


  1. Purpose statement


  1. Course description


  1. Textbook(s)
No. Author Title Publisher
1 Locker, Kitty, and Kaczmarek, Stephen. Business Communication: Building Critical Skills, 5th ed. McGraw-Hill International Edition, 2011.


  1. Reference texts


  1. Other resources


  1. Course learning outcomes

Upon the successful completion of the course, students are expected to …

No. Learning Outcome
1 Adapt business messages to type of audience and workplace situation


2 Display awareness of the values, beliefs, and practices in other business cultures


3 Compose well-formatted business letters, memos, and emails


4 Choose an appropriate structure for positive, negative, and persuasive messages


5 Display active listening skills


6 Plan and conduct effective business meetings


  1. Course outline
Week Topic Supplementary Material
1 Course Outline


In class writing exercise
2 Module 1 (Business Communication, Management, and Success)
3 Module 2 (Adapting your Message to your Audience)

Small Talk in the Business Environment

Homework Assignment #1
4 Module 17 (Listening- Face to Face Communication)
5 Communication over the Telephone
6 Presentation skills In class group presentations
7 Module 6 (You-attitude) In class writing exercise
9 Module 7/10 (Positive Emphasis/ Informative and Positive Messages) Homework Assignment #3
10 Module 11 (Negative Messages)
11 Module 12 (Persuasive Messages) Homework Assignment #4
12 Module 13 (Email Messages) In class writing exercise
13 Module 9 (Format for Letters and Memos)
14 Final Exams