philosopher essay

philosopher essay

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Write a 1000 word essay, write on one of the following philosophers:

Relate one of the philosophers to another philosopher or issue, or simply elaborate upon a relevant issue you choose to discuss.

Examples include:


metaphysics (what is reality? how can we know what is real? etc.)

art (what is art, beauty, etc.?)

religion (how are the philosophies discussed different from and/or similar to the claims made in religion [you can discuss either Eastern or Western religions])

If possible while writing the paper use the book Philosophic Classics: From Plato to Derrida by Forrest E. Baird & Walter Kaufmann as this is what we use in class.

The key is to explore a question you find interesting. Try to find a question you think worthy of writing about and then attempt to relate it to the readings from

class and / or an outside source.

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