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The artwork Improvisation No. 30 was painted by Vassily Kandinsky that is currently in the gallery 392A of the Art Institute of Chicago. The oil painting was finished in 1913. Arthur Jerome Eddy who is a Chicago lawyer bought the painting and donated to the Art Institute after he died. The work itself represents “vibrations in the soul” inspired by musical. (The Art Institute, Line 2)The first impression of the work is the abstract form combined with various colors.
The painting is abstract, but can be divided into several parts. The leaning building on the both right and left side; the crowded people on the bottom of left; a cannon on the bottom of right side and background. The composition of the painting seems complicated because of the line through layer and layer. The smoke from the cannon comes out towards the left building. The smoke was placed in the centre. The buildings are leaning two opposite direction. The crowded people queued up which was placed in the bottom. The smoke went through the people.
The color is the one of the most important element in this painting. When the first time looked at this painting, the colors are rich and bright. The overall combined with warm and cool color keep a good balance. The background was painted with cool color blue and green, and light color pink and white. The use of cool and light color push the background backward. Kandinsky used different hue of red, blue, yellow and brown. On the top left of the background, the similar hue blue that are ultra-marine blue and the one mixed with white color made the painting look volume. The white stands out because it was painted between two kinds of blue. The white in this painting are not pure color. It combined with light purple, yellow and pink. The color that he applied was thoughtful. He mixed colors instead of using pure colors in the whole painting. That would make the painting more energy and vivid. In the foreground, both buildings were countered with black. They were filled in red, white, blue and green, but in different tone of red. The left one in red mixed a little bit white that is more saturated than the right one.The crowded people were high lightened with white and grey and painted in various color pink, yellow, orange and green. These colors have bright tone, especially the orange is the brightest one. He blended the bright colors with grey and white that applied around the bright colors. Then it makes the bright colors jump out. The wheel cannon was painted by brown which seems mixed cerulean blue with cadmium orange. He used bright orange and pink to highlight. The color of smoke is brown that has a similar hue as cannon. The brown smoke has lighter tone than the brown cannon. It has a red tone in the brown smoke. The bright blue mixed with white was applied to filled in the smoke. It forms a contrast because of the cool blue and warm brown. The mix of white and green was painted on the blue and along the way through the bottom. This color connected with pink red, but they were in the same tone that look harmonious.