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Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



The topic can be chosen from the “suggestion topic” file that I upload. All the requirements have to be followed as “requirements” file


Is there a specific topic in the course that you have found interesting so far? Perhaps you have breezed through the upcoming course modules and something there has piqued your interest?


Your Graded Discussion 2 assignment is to do some further research and write a short essay on a specific topic from any area of the course. The topic you choose can be very minor as long as it is contained somewhere within the course notes or videos. As such, you do not require pre-approval for your topic of choice. Just pick something relevant to the course and proceed with your research.


Your essay should be written like a mini-research paper that is centered on scientific research findings. Make sure your essay is HEAVY ON NEW SCIENTIFIC MATERIAL THAT IS NOT CONTAINED WITHIN THE ORIGINAL COURSE CONTENT. Please note, we are NOT looking for a personal opinion piece. Take some time to work on your submission so that it flows logically from one idea to another. It should have a short introductory sentence or two and finish with a concluding sentence or two. In the past, the best essays have been those that develop a couple of ideas rather than provide a sort of ‘list’ that bounces from one idea to another.


The body of your essay should not be less than 400 words and should not exceed 500 words. Cite at least two references for your information and include citations in the text where required. Include the specifics of the relevant references at the bottom of your essay. (Please see the FAQs for more specifics on eligible references.)


Once your essay is complete, you should submit it under the heading ‘Submit Your Essay Here’, right here under the Graded Discussion 2 tab. Please copy and paste it into the box marked ‘write submission’ rather than posting it as an attachment. You can upload it anytime during the time interval that the assignment is open (from now until March 13th at 11pm). Please note, LATE ESSAYS WILL NOT BE MARKED.


Please read through the FAQs section for this assignment for more information on procedures, eligible topics and topic suggestions, etc. before contacting us as many of your additional questions are probably answered there.


Have fun!