Plagiarism Panel: the Aaron Swartz vs MIT case

Order Description
After completing research on your case of plagiarism (Aaron Swartz vs MIT), write a 2000 word report for the plagiarism panel on the case of “plagiarism” you have been studying.
This case study report should include the following sections:
• Executive Summary-The executive summary summarizes the entirety of the report in
about 1 paragraph.
• Introduction-The introduction should describe the key facts of the case, that is, it tells the
story of the case without any evaluation or judgment. The introduction should also state
the ethical questions that your case raises.
• Criteria for Analysis-This section should explain the “rules” for plagiarism established by
the discourse community to which your case belongs.
• Precedents-This section should describe any precedents, or any similar cases to the one
you have studied and how those previous cases were resolved.
• Discussion-The discussion should be the longest section as it provides your analysis of
the ethics of this particular case. According to the established rules of the discourse
community, is this a case of plagiarism? You may want to start to apply one of the terms
at the beginning of this assignment sheet to your case.
• Recommendations- This section recommends a course of action to the plagiarism panel.
What do you think would be the appropriate response to this case by plagiarism

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