Planning and Designing International Development Projects

Order Description
This assessment is a critique of a scope/ objective, stakeholder capacities, timing, gender, design and other defining issues within development aid funded project.

need to choose one failed aid-funded project from the list below and critique the project for such components as, capability, funding, political/ethical corruption, project management the failed aid-project.

I have supplied initial urls for each failed project, the you will be expected to choose one and research their chosen project to gain further understanding of the overall project.

Project: Kalimantan Forests Carbon Partnership (2007), Indonesia
Donor: AUSAid
Cost: $30 million

Project: The Education For All programme (2003), India
Donor: Britain’s Foreign Aid
Cost: £388 million

“How your money is squandered on foreign aid” | Daily Mail …

Project: Lake Turkana fish processing plant Kenya
Donor: Norwegian Government
Cost: $22 million

Project: Roll Back Malaria, across Africa
Donor: Multiple agencies
Cost: Approximately $500 million