Plant Location Design

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Part A – Develop at least two alternative functional layouts for the Tool Room and provide to-scale sketches. Evaluate these to propose and justify the preferred layout and facility dimensions. (Use the information provided below to undertake your analysis, omitting Tables 4 and 5))
Part B Twelve months have passed and it has been decided to rationalise the product range. This is feasible as demand for some of the products (manufactured for a small group of loyal customers) has increased substantially and represents a large proportion of the business turnover. With reduced variety and higher volumes, the idea of establishing cellular layout is being debated. To help you assess the possibility of the Tool Room adopting a cellular layout, information on part family routings and volumes has been provided (Tables 4 & 5).
Using ALL the available information, develop a new layout for the Tool Room based on cellular manufacturing. Explain how it might operate, and examine and critique the value of changing from the functional to cellular layout.
Tip: When writing the assignment, imagine you are a consultant presenting the work and solution to Senior Managers. Clearly state any assumptions that you have needed to make. Show and discuss all the workings and source any additional research that is undertaken.
Marks will be awarded as follows: quality of presentation (20%), the thoroughness of the analysis and discussion (50%), and the practicality of the layouts designed (30%) 
See the rest in the attachment ( assignment ) 

Things that have to be consider 
See the whole information about the assignment in the attachment. also I have attach the relevant lecture notes that will help.
– In the assignment do not give much attention to the process of producing the cans as it have been shown just for clarification. 
– at the beginning you have to produce an activity relationship chart ( see lecture 2) and the (lecture 2 example solution) then a relationship diagram. Then a space relationship diagram to came up with two diagrams. 
-All those steps have to be done by hand ( please make it clear ) because I am going to present it in the appendix
– the idea Is to do two diagrams for section A and then compare it together using a weigh factor table . and you might add thing form the first diagram to the second to came with the best layout ( the final layout). All these stages then have to be discussed on the report max 2000 words.
– all the writing and drawing have to present it in the appendix
– attention have to be given to the flow of people while designing the layout . there is a lecture that I attach which explain more about that ( lecture 4 part 1 and 4).
– also you have to consider further expansion that might needed in the future for the layout design and explain that in the discussion 

Give 800for the drawing 
And 1700words for the discussion and the explanation