Play therapy Theoretical Comparisons

Play therapy Theoretical Comparisons

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A graphic organizer is a visual construct that organizes complex information into a structure that helps you understand it. The theories related to play therapy can be viewed in a graphic display that allows for comparison of the five theories (compares and contrasts).

-Family play therapy, Ecosystemic play therapy,Theraplay,Narrative play therapy and Prescriptive play therapy

1.Identify and describe current play therapy theorists who are associated with specific theoretical systems.
2.Identify current play therapy research related to specific theoretical systems of play therapy.
3.Compare and contrast the historical roots of multiple play therapy theories.
4.Address each of the comparison items found in the first column by filling in the corresponding cell in the column under the theory.
5.Use significant phrases or bullet points to highlight the important features.
6.Make your entries brief enough to allow quick comparison of the theories, but detailed enough to clearly distinguish between them.
7. Address scoring guide attached (include introduction and closing paragraphs)

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