PM002 Research Proposal Part B: Research Questions and Methodology

Aim of assignment
The aim of the assignment, the ‘Research Proposal Part B’ is to generate research questions and design an appropriate research study to address them.
Outline of assignment
This assignment requires you to formulate research questions and to design and describe a research study using appropriate methodologies, sampling techniques and methods that are ethical and credible.

Your assignment should be clearly structured as follows:

(a) Research questions and explanation (500-800): This section should firstly summarise the existing literature, establishing its contribution and identifying gaps/limitations. From this you should develop three research questions which will be answered through your research project (PM504). You must also explain why your research questions are important and how they will add/enhance our further understanding of the topic. This section will require you to cite your Assignment A articles and other appropriate sources such as academic books, journal articles and reputable news publications.

(b) Methodology (1200-1500): This section should describe and justify your methodology. This will require you to discuss a range of methodological issues including:
• The purpose of your research (is the purpose exploratory, descriptive and/or explanatory? Why?)
• The research perspective (will you apply a quantitative or qualitative approach? Why?)
• The research strategy (will you apply a survey, case study or ethnography strategy? Why?)
• Your data collection methods (will you use questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, etc? Why?)
• Your sample size and sampling technique
• Ethical issues to be addressed in relation to your project for example informed consent, confidentiality, anonymity, privacy, avoiding harm to participants.
• Credibility issues for example reliability and validity.

(c) Reference List: You are required to provide a comprehensive list of references applying GIC referencing guidelines (available on Kaplan VLE). Your sources should be relevant to your topic and research design, and of an appropriate academic level. Further information is provided below.
Word count
The word length for this assignment is 2000 words (+/- 20%). Please indicate the word length on your submitted assignment. (The reference list is not included in the word count.)
Assignment B counts for 70% of your overall mark and is marked out of 100 and weighted as follows:
(a) Research questions and explanation (30 marks)
(b) Methodology (60 marks)
(c) Sources and referencing (10 marks)
Sources and referencing
Your rationale should draw on a range of sources including academic textbooks, reputable news references and academic journal articles. Your methodology should draw on methodological sources such as Bryman and Bell 2011 and Saunders et al 2012.

Provide a complete list of accurate references. Please ensure that you cite and reference material correctly. You should consult the GIC referencing guidelines (available on Kaplan VLE).
Marking criteria
Your assignments will be marked using the GIC assessment scale and assessed according to a range of criteria including focus, content, argument and critical analysis, organisation and structure, sources, referencing, written style, presentation and length. You should consult the PM002 marking criteria for more a more detailed breakdown (available on Kaplan VLE).


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