Policies for Enhancing Corporate Environmental Management

Policies for Enhancing Corporate Environmental Management: a Framework and an
Applied Example
1. Can you provide some examples of steps your company has taken that align with the four phases of the CEM life cycle? Is it easier to identify phase one and phase two
improvements over phase three or phase four improvements?
2. Do you agree with the article where it says “Such cooperation is a lot to ask of competing private sector firms and independent fisherman” about expecting StarKist and its competitors to limit their catching of the blue fin tuna? Do you believe industry wide initiatives like this one can exist voluntarily, without government regulations and punishment?

3. Government incentives are rewarding in Singapore for phase 1-3 improvements to CEM programs, but phase 4 policies are fines and forced termination of activities, do you believe this is necessary? At what point should a government shift from rewarding good behavior, to simply punishing bad behavior? The link between `green’ and economic success: environmental management as the crucial trigger between environmental and economic performance

1. The article says that it depends on a case by case basis how economic success can be aresult of how well each environmental protection plan is evaluated for that particular company and situation in a marketplace. Can you think of an example in your company
or industry?

2. The article states “that environmental ignorants are bad economists and managers” but many companies are financially sound without following much environmental protection unless they are forced to do so. Do you think that a company has to be economically successful and financially sound before it invests in improving the environmental performance?