portrayal of power through sexuality comaprison of The Odyssey(Homer) and Oedipus the King(Sophocles)

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• Research Component – The two course texts you discuss will serve as your primary source material. (The Odyssey and Oedipus the King-The Oxford Versions) However, you should seek to supplement your understanding of these texts through careful research of historical background information, literary criticism, etc. Please note that this paper must be a scholarly argument that offers an interpretation of the texts on our syllabus supported by outside sources not a book report on the outside sources you find. Please do not rely on the internet for your secondary source material. While this medium can be helpful, it often yields a lot of specious information; using non-credible sources will interfere with your scholarly credibility and necessarily lower your grade. More specifically, please note that Wikipedia and the like are NEVER considered scholarly sources and should never appear in a scholarly paper. Make time to meet with me if you have questions about finding or evaluating outside sources. • Works Cited/Reference Page – MLA documentation . Please be sure that you include in-text citation where appropriate and that you provide your readers with a complete Works Cited or References page. In addition to the two books from this course, you must refer directly to at least THREE other sources to fully develop your discussion. • Thesis – The most important aspect is the main/guiding idea or the thesis. The thesis for this paper must present an argument, a claim that can then be defended throughout the paper. This argumentative thesis should offer an interpretation of two texts on the syllabus. Avoid obvious or extremely subjective claims as they won’t give you much to do for five pages.

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