Prepare a report on Easyjet plc for a potential long-term investor

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Task 3 (1,500 words +/- 10%)

Prepare a report on Easyjet plc for a potential long-term investor, who wishes to diversify their portfolio, by investing in Easyjet’s shares. The investor is looking for both capital growth and income from this investment. 

The report should include

o Calculation of ratios (in an appendix, EasyJet’s ratios figures – excel),
o Interpretation of ratios, cash flow statement and other information researched,
o Demonstration of your understanding of the limitations of ratio analysis, with particular reference to information in this case and the needs of the long term investor. (there are no marks for general limitations of ratios which comes from any text book)
o Conclusion and a recommendation which includes details of any further information needed, both financial and non-financial. 


Your report should be submitted to Studynet by 5pm on Wednesday 18th March. A hard copy must also be submitted at the coursework submission point at the same time. Please note that HBS will upload your essay to Turnitin – there is no need for you to do this separately.

• All work must be typed, using 1.5 or double spacing,
• Typeface can be Times New Roman, Century Gothic or Helvetica, at point 11 or 12
• Use Footers to provide student Number
• Insert page numbers

Grading Criteria / Allocation of Marks – marked on basis of 100%

Task 3 : Report – Marks to be awarded as below 60%

Presentation including proper use of report format with meaningful sections 5%
Grammar, Sentence construction, proper use of paragraphs, spelling and use of English language generally 5%
Use of Harvard referencing 5%
Exploration of the topic, including use of appropriate research and depth and breadth of understanding demonstrated 15%
Quality of analysis including strength and validity of conclusion 30%

Please note that whilst presentation, grammar and referencing only account for 15% of the report content, inappropriate use of these can detract from your ability to demonstrate your understanding and can therefore have wider ranging implications for the marks you are awarded for other sections.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Knowledge and Understanding tested in this assignment

• Key analytical ratios
LEARNING OUTCOMES: Skills and Attributes tested in this assignment

• Critically interpret financial statements;

Type of paper has to be a report, subject area should be Accounting and Finance. I hope writer provide up-to-date references, good standard and quality work. 

I have attached report requirements, format,structure and EasyJets’ ratios. Please read it carefully before start writing.