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this paper about media history !!
note: subject area is media 
Topic: Ideas for Tutorial Presentation (tv and radio media affairs shows)

As I mentioned in class, you definitely could present a “news item” about the media in New Zealand from radio or tv media affairs NZ programming (and it doesn’t have to be something happening right now; it could be within the last 5 or 10 years or so). Here are more details about the three media affairs programmes I discussed in class:

1. “Mediawatch” radio show on Radio New Zealand National station. Individual episodes can be found here:

Here is a description of Mediawatch: “Mediawatch looks critically at the New Zealand media – television, radio, newspapers and magazines as well as the ‘new’ electronic media. It also examines the performance of the agencies, corporations and institutions that regulate them. It looks into the impact the media has on the nation, highlighting good practice as well as bad along the way – and it also enquires into overseas trends and technological developments which New Zealanders need to know about.”

If you present on one of these episodes, you should choose one particular “story” within the half-hour programme. For example, the Mediawatch episode on 16 November 2014 has a discussion about the recent developments I mentioned in class involving Maori Television (between 15:44 and 27:15). The title of this “story” is “Maori TV’s chief executive on where he’s taking the channel in its second decade on air.”

2. “Media7” from TVNZ (media affairs show on former channel TVNZ 7–freeview channel existed until around 2013). You can find the individual episodes on youtube. Again, it is fine to present on something from a couple years ago. And again choose a particular “story” from the half-hour programme. Search Media7 NZ on youtube for all the episodes:

3. “Media Take” (media affairs show currently on Maori TV). All the episodes can be found here (I believe this has effectively taken the place of Media7):