Professional Practice and Magnet Designation Paper

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For this Application assignment, you are to write a four to five page paper on how a nursing professional practice model (PPM) or Magnet designation drives healthcare change in institutions. Review your readings from this week and conduct your own literature review on the topic. For this paper, include the following:

•Provide an overview of a professional practice model or Magnet. Address how the PPM or Magnet status drives health care change in institutions.
•Make sure to cite at least five sources from professional nursing literature within your paper. Refer to the Professional Practice Application Rubric located in the “Course Info” section of the course prior to submission.

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Week 4 Assignment: Professional Practice Model or Magnet Designation (Due Day 7 Week 4)

The focus of this paper is on how one professional practice model or Magnet status drives healthcare change in institutions. Address how deciding to implement a particular professional practice model, or pursuing Magnet status, drives nursing and health care change in institutions. 
Write a 4-5 page paper using the following guidelines and evaluation criteria. Use the headings below for each section. Use a minimum of five references from the professional nursing literature in the assigned course readings and other references in the Walden Library. If they are relevant, you may use one or two professional web sites in addition to the literature references.
Begin this paper with a brief paragraph that provides an overview of the assignment and its purpose. The heading for this paragraph is the same as the title of the paper. This will be about 2-3 sentences. The last sentence in this paragraph is a sentence that begins “The purpose of this paper is to ¨. This paragraph is worth 20 points.
Overview of the Model or Magnet Designation – 110 points
Provide an overview of how the professional practice model or Magnet designation supports or recognizes the quality of nursing and health care provided in an organization. Include the history of the model or Magnet as well as the components of it. Cite sources from the professional literature to support the information in this section. This is usually 3 paragraphs.
Influence of this Model or Program on Change in Health Care Organizations – 150 points
Discuss at least 3 specific ways in which preparing for implementing and maintaining the professional practice model or Magnet influences change in organizations. It is through implementation of the components of the model or designation that affects change. Cite sources from the professional literature to support the information in this section. This is 3 – 4 paragraphs.
Summary – 20 points
End the paper with a one-paragraph summary of the main points of the paper. 
Proofread the paper and correct any typos, grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, or APA format errors before submitting your paper. Up to 50 points can be deducted from the grade for this assignment for these types of errors, or for not using at least the minimum number of required professional literature references.
When completed, save the assignment as APP4+last name+your first initial.doc. For example, Sally Ride’s Week 4 Application Assignment would be named “APP4RideS.doc.” Submit this assignment in the “Assignment Turnitin Week 4” area of the course. Click the View/Complete link. Follow instructions once the Turnitin submission site opens.
Total points for assignment = 300 points.

List your five different references here. Be sure that they are current (five years or less) and formatted per APA Style.

Huston, C. J. (2014). Professional issues in nursing: Challenges and opportunities (3rd ed). New York: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins.

Mason, D. J, Leavitt, J. K., & Chaffee, M. W.(2014). Policy and politics in nursing and health care (6th ed). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Saunders.