Protein Sequence Analysis,Computational Bioinformatics

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COMS30003 Exercise 2

Protein Sequence Analysis

This exercise will be marked in groups of two or three (all group members must submit identical answers in SAFE). It is worth 70% of the unit. A word of warning: this coursework may look easy, and it is not that hard, but be aware that some parts may take a long time to run! So if you do not leave yourselves plenty of time then you may find that you are unable to complete some parts before the deadline. Also you may find that, although some parts are simple in principle, difficulties in understanding/running software tools or their inputs/outputs mean that it may take longer than anticipated. In summary, aim to finish this well before the deadlinem, you have been warned …
The starting point for this coursework is a single protein domain. You must all choose a sequence independently. DO NOT deliberately choose the same sequence as somebody else.


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