Quantitative Research Designs

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For this Assignment You will need to use some of the information that i will upload to be able to answer the question.

Responses to the questions in the following prompt can be answered within approximately 3-4 paragraphs.

(First Question)
The captain of each precinct of a metropolitan police department selected two officers to participate in a program designed to reduce prejudice by increasing sensitivity to racial and ethnic group differences and community issues. The training program took place every Friday morning for 3 months. At the first and last meetings, the officers completed a measure of prejudice. To assess the effectiveness of the program, the average prejudice score at the first meeting was compared with the average score at the last meeting: it was found that the average score was in fact lower following the training program. What type of design is this? What specific problems arise if you try to conclude that the training program was responsible for the reduction in prejudice?

(Second Question)
Dr. Cardenas studied political attitudes among different groups of 20, 40 and 60-year olds. Political attitudes were found to be most conservative in the age-60 group and least conservative in the age-20 group.What type of method was used in this study?Can you conclude that people become more politically conservative as they get older? Why or why not?Propose alternative ways of studying this topic.