Questionnaire design

Questionnaire design

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Questionnaire design (500 words) (Learning outcomes 4,5,6, and 8)
Students are required to design their own questionnaire on crime in contemporary society such as “Factors affecting crime in the UK”. Design a structured questionnaire based on 20 questions. A crucial part of this task is to make sure that the questionnaire addresses the objectives of the research. In other words, it is important to ensure that the questions asked are the right ones to fulfil your research objectives.


For assessment you are asked to consider a problem related to crime in contemporary society. A topic “Factors affecting crime in the UK” is given as an example. You may select any crime related topic as a research problem and then begin to design the survey questionnaire for the assessment.

• Select important factors related to your research topic and then construct 20 questions within the word limits.

• Remember you are designing a structured questionnaire.

• All questions should be arranged in an appropriate order.

Assessment Criteria:

Your work will be judged on the extent to which you have followed the outlined brief successfully. Your lecturer will specifically look at:

o The extent to which the questions are related to the objectives of the study.
o The appropriateness of formulation of survey questions;
o How you have structured and measured them.
o How you have maintained the logical order of questions.
o The overall presentation of your work.