Reading Response

Reading Response

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do the careful reading the textbook’s chapter 10 “Gendered intimacies:communication,friendship,love and sex”.

-Please answer these questions in the essay
1. According to Chapter 10, romantic love is a cultural script. Explain what this means, pointing out how this concept is gendered and how it has changed over time.

2. Think about your own experiences in romantic relationships. In what ways have you enacted the cultural script of romantic love? In what ways have you challenged the script? Do you think you could act outside of this script in current or future romantic relationships?

$00275 w. nter 2015 Readlng Re. .. [T]
SOC 275: Sociology of Gender
Winter 2015 Professor Paulina Garcia Del Moral
Reading Response Essay Guidelines and Marking Schemes
Three times during the semester. you are required to write an essay in response to the week‘s assigned readings.
called “Reading Responses” (about 500-700 words. about 2 double-spaced pages). The reading responses are a place
for you to I) understand and engage the readings. and 2) apply the readings to other contexts. drawing on your own
experience and creativity.
Your essay should answer the assigned questions. drawing on the relevant readings for the week. The set of
questions for the following week’s reading response will be presented at the end of the lecture and posted on
Blackboard. Please pay attention to the clarity of your writing. using full sentences and proper grammar,
punctuation, and spelling.
Although the questions will vary each week specific to that week’s reading contents. they will consist of two
I. Comprehension question: ability to explain‘ synthesize, and discuss ideas in the reading in your own words
2. Application question: ability to apply the concepts and insights from the readings to other contexts (previous
week‘s readings, real life examples, current events, etc)
Marking Schemes Each reading response essay will be marked on the basis of 10 possible points: 5 points for
comprehension (i.e., accurately presenting the answer to the question according to the reading), 5 points for
application (i.e. insightfully and creatively applying the reading to other contexts).
Complete answer to the question, sophisticated and exceptionally accurate representation of the reading = 5
Answer to the question is very good overall, with an accurate representation of the reading (may or may not have a
few minor inaccuracies in representing the reading) = 4
Good answer to the question with more correct than incorrect claims about the reading : 3 Partial answer to the
question with more incorrect than correct claims about the reading = 2 Some information about the reading. but not
an answer to the question = 1 Very inaccurate representation of the reading = 0
Insightful and exceptionally creative answer to the question, demonstrating the ability to apply concepts and lessons
from the reading to other settings I 5
Very strong answer to the question, making a significant effort for application = 4
Good answer overall. with clear efforts at application, but perhaps with elements that could be more thought out – 3
Partial answer to the question with some effort = 2
Partial answer to the question with little effort = l
Very incomplete answer with almost no effort = 0

The xplanation and application of the .‘ ‘ ‘ l
concepts are good. but the paper ex
Overall Th explanation and application of key ‘ ‘ I ‘ ‘. I
concepts are clear. cogent, and to- do“ “m duclop mm.” “WWW” kc
Assessment: the_poimi The paper offers to show how gender inequality and we
Grade: thoughtful examples that illustrate d’mrc‘l‘fc a: at work’ The p“
8/10 issues of gender inequality and “y c 1.5 cfl’mfilu‘mf :1]! not pr‘
gender difference in a rhetorically “a???” y :1 cmnca y g:
persuasive style. The essay has been sop “mate ‘ f I
carefully proofread to eliminate
problems with style. sentence 3.!
structure. and grammar. A pleasure
to read! 8
Reading De nes key concepts showing a eleaSho s a general understanding of the De ne.
C h ‘. ‘ understanding of their relationship to concepts. but makes some ch
ompre enh’on‘ the chapter‘s argument. undefended assumptions. Does not pr
always provide the concepts’ context in
4/5 (i.e. relationship to chapter‘s
Application; Thughtful. perceptive and well-ehofem uples are appropriate. but not alwajl’ihe ex
examples to illustrate the key fully unpacked. Contains some no
concepts. Links analysis to questions analysis of issues of gender D
4/5 of gender inequality and gender inequality and gender difference. in
Mechanics gala been carefully proofread to elimlvh; – a few grammar or sentence Gra in
C. . I problems with sentence structure and structure errors that do not detract m
ltanons’ grammar. typos. etc. Source cited from the meaning. Source cited; all
f foam“ be Pelm’zed and correctly formatted. minor errors in fomiatting. fo
or no ei mg proper y
C 0
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