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Choose any 10 questions from points for discussion and study questions. Write 6-8 sentences each.

Video questions

1) What does SFUPB stand for, where are they from and why is that significant?

2) Research how the sound is made on the bagpipe and write 4 sentences about your understanding of the sound production.

3) Have you ever heard them before now? Where and when?
If your were to trace Western Music History from ancient times you would most certainly listen to the music of Guillaume Dufay (1400-1474). Below is a well-known piece of his mentioned on the bottom of page 201 of your text. As you listen to it observe that the music notation is not like our notation today or that you find on your card. Describe some of the differences in 4-5 sentences. Now that your have heard this music, search youtube for 2 more pieces by Dufay, list the URL’s and give 3- 4 sentence comments.

Guillaume Dufay – Nuper rosarum flores

You have undoubtedly heard the sound of the Mbira, sometimes referred to as the thumb piano. This video is interesting because the person actually breaks down how to play the famous song discussed in your text, “Chemutengure” Listen and watch him and discuss your understanding of the sections he is talking about. There is not a drone but the repetition has a drone effect. Do you agree? Comment. Makes me want to get one and start practicing. What about you? Find 2 URL’s with Mbira music that you enjoy and list them with commentary.

Mbira tutorial

For video questions, do two sets of them. Try to make them look like they are written by two people. Do better on 1 set and do less good on the other set. Thanks

Don’t need any style. Just question number and answer



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