Reflective Essay (1,000 words) (20%)

1. Understanding of the concept of leadership and the application of leadership principles.
2. Familiarity with explanatory models of leadership behaviour.
3. Understanding of the relationship linking leadership with innovation and change.
4. The capacity for critical analysis of issues relating to leadership in contemporary organisations.

Select a well-known movie. It can be old or new, a drama, a historical piece, even a cartoon. The important thing is that the movie has contents that pertain to leadership, not necessarily all the time but at least some of the time. Write an analysis of the movie in terms of leadership and the leadership lessons it provides. You may focus on an episode in the movie, the movie as a whole or a particular character. There is no particular structure for the essay but the following questions will help you to provide an appropriate analysis:
o What is the situation?
o Who is/are the leader(s)?
o How is leadership manifested?
o How did the leadership emerge?
o What are the sources of power and influence?
o How would you characterise the type of leadership?
o How effective is the leadership?
o What are the overall lessons of leadership?

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