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1.In chapter 15 of the Turabian manual, the authors list four reasons as to why you must cite your sources. One of the most important for graduate level work is to “show readers the research tradition that informs your work.” (p. 136) Why would it be important for your paper to show the research tradition that informs your work? What research tradition is that? In this light, what criteria can you employ to determine if a source is particularly powerful or informative?
2.What criteria should you used to determine whether you will quote a text from an outside source in your paper or simply convey the idea in your own words? Explain the differences in how you would cite and reference an idea from a source compared to quoting from that source. What are the dangers of paraphrasing?
3.Many students believe that a quotation is immutable. You either use a string of words exactly as they appear in an outside source or you do not. Turabian et al provide examples to the contrary. According to the Manual’s instructions, what kinds of changes to a quotation are permissible? What are the kinds of changes that a writer cannot make, and why should this be the case?i