Research a creation, or origin, myth from a culture–Houyi from Chinese Culture

1. I need 6 pages in length for the research paper final draft. I paid 6+1 pages because the 1 extra page price is for your work to keep a rough draft. I need one rough draft (3-5 pages) and One final research paper. When you are writing, please keep a rough draft.

[VERY IMPORTANT]So, you will be sending me two files: File 1: The rough draft of the paper (3-5 pages); File2: The final draft of the paper(6 pages).

2. Topic:

Research a creation, or origin, myth from a culture that was not studied in class. In addition to the story itself, your paper should include research on: an overview of the culture and it’s mythology or religion; identification of important elements of creation myths, archetypes, and other figurative language; the myth’s theme (in other words, the main idea or the reason for the story in the culture); and any other information that is relevant.

IMORTANT: The creation I choose is “Houyi” from Chinese myth. Here is something background information about Houyi:

3. You will need do research and cite sources. That’s fine. But do not copy from other essays. You have to cite everything you used.