Research Funding (Granting) Agencies

Research Funding (Granting) Agencies
1.    List 5 Research Funding (Granting) Agencies.
2.    Go to the National Institute of Health (NIH) website ( the following:
•    Describe the mission of the NIH!
•    Find the link to the Institutes, Centers & Offices and list 5 institutes, centers, or offices that are relevant to nursing/health system management that holds interest for you.
•    Describe funding announcements (if any)
3.    Go to the National Institute for Nursing Research (NINR) website ( Answer the following:
•    Describe the mission of NINR.
•    List the areas of research emphasis.
•    Describe funding announcements.
4.    Go to Healthy People 2020 ( Answer the following:
•    Describe the purpose of Healthy People 2020.
•    Find the focus areas of   Healthy People 2020 (you do not have to list all of them).
•    Identify one topic area that interests you the most that relates to NINR’s areas of research emphasis.
Decision-making processes used by nurses during intravenous drug preparation and administration
•    -Based on this  article review, answer the following:
“Decision-making processes used by nurses during intravenous drug preparation and administration” by Lisa Dougherty1,  Magi Sque2, Rob Crouch3

In your chosen article, state in your own words what was the research question or what this study was trying to determine?
•    What did the study reveal?
•    What did they find out?
•    Did this study have anything to do with NINR research emphasis or Healthy People 2020 focus areas? (Provide the citation of the journal article using APA (6th Edition) format under references section)
Note:  The assignment should be written in APA format (4 pages: cover page and reference page is not inclusive in 4 pages), double spaced, paragraph format( question-answer format is not accepted), Times New Roman, font 12.The assignment must be submitted online through assignment submission link in blackboard. For writing details, refer to sample documents folder given in blackboard.