Research Methods for Communications and Culture – critique of an article

Critiquing a piece of existing research. The article that must be covered is very specific (Can be found on: . It can also by found: How the other half votes: Big Brother viewers and the 2005 general election. Stephen Coleman. (International Journal of Cultural Studies December 2006 vol. 9 no. 4457-479)
(besides It really needs to be a good piece of work, please put effort into it as my grade is on the line! thank you so much for your help).

INTRUCTIONS!!!!!!!!!! (all of which must be filled and discussed)
What you should do:
1. Choose the one you might want to critique
2. Read and get to know the work.
3. As you read the work take notes.
4. Arrange to see your tutor and talk through how you will critique it. What main points you intend to make.
5. Who is the author(s) and how do they position themselves in relation to the work?
6. The introduction should identify the aim of the work and the approach taken.
7. Identify the main concepts and theories that inform and guide this work.
8. Can you understand the overall methodology – the way the work is carried out and organised?
9. What methods are being used?
9. Is it taking a quantitative, qualitative or mixed approach?
10. What are the main ‘analysis’ sections doing? How are they analysing the process, data or material that has been collected?
11. Can you pick out any strengths and weaknesses of this work? E.g. the work uses very small samples, is it out of date? Does it only use one method? Are their questions it does not raise?
12 What Impact did this work have on the area of media and cultural studies? Is it cited by others? Try using google scholar to see if others have cited it.

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