Research Paper on Climate Change and How Humans are or are not Responsible

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


This will be a continuation of the anataded bibliography on climate change. As previously done, please keep the writing style at a beginner college student level, and follow the instructions in the uploaded file. I will also upload a sample title page that you can use as a template whilst composing the title page for this essay. Finally, I will also upload the anataded bibliography that has the question that you must address in the research paper.
Please note: the paper is 6 pages in length, the 7th page will be addressed in the instructions. The titled page and reference page are not included in the 6 pages, but I was told they were free.
finally, you will only be permited to use the references located at my college’s library. These can be found at:
under Library and than online databases. Please only use references found there.
My log-on details are as following:
name: Eric Sifuentes
ID/Password: 2755823
Finally, please do contact me if any problems arise.
Thank you very much, and I await your results.