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so body paragraph must related supported the thesis from introduction
Joseph Campbell/Whale Rider Essay Question

Using both the chapters from Joseph Campbell’s Hero With a Thousand Faces and the film Whale Rider construct a thesis-centered essay on why it’s important to pay attention to the myths of the Hero’s Journey & why it’s important for ourselves and our lives.


?Make sure you have a thesis-based paper. What is it that your paper is arguing for? The thesis statement should be the last sentence in your introductory paragraph.

?You must use at least 3 different chapters of the 5 we read (covering “The Call to Adventure”, “Refusal of the Call”, “Supernatural Aid”, ).

?Use must use a minimum of 3 quotations from Campbell’s reading and use them as analysis. Meaning, what is being said in the quotes you are using and why does it support your thesis?

?Also use the film “Whale Rider” and the character Paikea as analysis and support for your essay.

?Lastly, use 1 piece of research from the outside world as support. This can be a person, story from literature, real world situation, etc. (Try not to use a common example that everyone knows that doesn’t require research. This is not as strong a supporting evidence as you’d like. Do a bit of research to find an example to help strengthen your paper.)

In summation, what’s required is:
1)A thesis statement – what is your paper arguing for?
2)Analysis – Using both Campbell’s reading and the film
3)Research – 1 example not from the reading or film, but requires research to find the information and supports your thesis