Risk Management Part A

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



I will Attach  a brief assignment and some power point slides for details


Assignments will be graded according to the following criteria:

Evidence of critical judgement in selecting, ordering and analysing content in order to present a sound argument

The demonstration and understanding of relevant concepts and models

The demonstration of insight and originality in responding to the assignment

The extent and level of research undertaken and the degree to which this research is appropriately referenced.

It is important that the assignment is forward looking and is not an analysis of historic risk.

Students are required to relate specific and actual identified risks, assessment and strategy to BAT plc.  The use of generic theoretical models and checklists should only be used when related specifically to BAT.


Students should be quite clear on the fact that they will not be assessed on the ‘quantity’ of risks identified but on the quality of the work in assessing the ‘risks’ and formulating appropriate strategies.


Important specific points to remember

  • Think about the question and the structure of your answer – you need a clearly defined structure which addresses the specific issues of the assignment. Therefore, PLAN your response very carefully before beginning to write.


    • What is the question asking me to do?
    • Is what I am writing focussed on the question – is it relevant – or am I just including it because I found it!!?


  • Make sure that you read all articles which are referred to in the assignment


  • Do not use ‘bullet points’ to any great extent – this tends to preclude analysis and explanation


  • Think about presentation
    • Contents page
    • Page numbers
    • Use short sentences
    • Use many short paragraphs – a new paragraph for each different idea.
    • Do not use too many headings – this tends to prevent the flow of the work
    • Where an assignment is divided into parts 1) 2) 3) etc – answer in that format – do not merge answers – it is impossible for the assessor to mark these easily.


  • When referencing
    • NEVER reference to Wikipedia, Investopedia, mbaessays.com, chaeatsrus.com etc – these websites are all unsubstantiated – the material on these can be written by anyone – ALWAYS use academic literature (journal articles, text books etc – these have been refereed by other academics – unless you are looking on reliable websites for data and statistics)
    • If you include a quote in “speech marks” you need to also include the page number from the source as well as the author name and date – no page numbers if there is no quote
    • All the references that appear in the script should appear in your Reference List – it is not a Bibliography

The Reference List should be in alphabetical order by author surname (family name)