SABIC on operations management and supply chains

SABIC on operations management and supply chains

Order Description

1. Describe how your chose organisation utilises inventory, people and technology to operate effectively in the global marketplace.
(20% word count)

2. Prepare a review of the literature on operations management and supply chains use of inventory, people and technology to mitigate risk, focussing on the concepts, applications and strategies available that assist supply chains to mitigate against fraud and obsolescence. Critically discuss the authors, their views on the subject and their frameworks or strategies and describe the operational benefits would you expect to see from introducing the concepts into your chosen organisation.

Consider at least 8 journal articles no older than 5 years
(50% word count)

3. For the organization chosen, explain how you would leverage off of inventory, people or technology driven processes to underpin better supply chain risk mitigation strategies, with a particular focus on fraud and inventory management. (20% word count)

4. Business decisions based upon quantified evidence rather emotion and ego are important. For the change you are proposing here support your discussion with information. The numbers may be factual or made up.

For the problem you are looking at: identify the evidence that shows the problem exists; what is the potential loss to the company if the problem persists; the opportunity for income improvement if put right; the Cost Benefit Analysis. (10% word count)

Presentation of your assignment

Your assignment must be word processed and presented in a report format with simple sub-headings. The word count should be 2500 words±10% (tables, diagrams and appendices are excluded from the count).