Seat Optimisation for Backhoe Cab.

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

seat optimisation  for backhoe cab.
design 3 new designed seats also upgrade the section controls.. and then choose 1 final concept which is best..
Terex back hoe cab seat we choosed as our topic.
do not plagiarize..and most importantly we need Quality work.
Instruction on what to do is attached..
pages and words doesn’t matter only quality works matters the most


Seat Optimization of back hoe cab

Our topic is about is Seat Optimization.

  • Gantt Chart
  • Initial product analysis————-àDone
  • FAST diagram————————-àDone
  • QFD————————————-àDone
  • PDS————————————–àDone
  • 3 concepts—[very small explanation and sketches for all 3]
  • Morphological analysis (This is to be done like in table)
  • Brain storming
  • Concept Selection: This Includes Constrain Matrix and Concept Criteria matrices.
  • Final Concept development with 2D drawing Drawingusing 3rd angle projection
  • Validation:
  1. Sustainability
  2. Safety
  3. Material selection
  4. Cost and Pareto analysis.
  5. Reason to manufacture.
  6. Design for assembly
  7. Structural distillation
  • Conclusion

Attached you my work for 4 parts.. U can refer my work.

MAIN four Parts are done; you just have to do remaining parts.

We don’t need quantity, we need Quality work

This Coursework is not about just writing it’s about working and drawing table for every required aspect.

If u find something that u never saw before then plz refer google.