See the file the coursework needs a specialist property valuation.

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I did orded the same coursework last year

and I failed so please make sure this time I pass.

the coursework needs a spicailist in property valuation please.

You can for ease of reference see yourself working in a professional practice that has an auction department. You have been placed in that department as part of your training programme. You can imagine yourself having to prepare content for an auction catalogue together with background file notes, explanations and workings.

The tasks listed below should be put together in one folder and submitted together.

  • You have been offered the opportunity to sell a freehold retail unit in a high street location known to you. The department head wants more information on nearby traders and asks you to prepare a street trader plan. Prepare a (well drawn yet handwritten sketch) street trader plan for a location known to you.
  • Take one of the properties shown on the street trader plan and create assumed dimensions and floor areas for it. This property is to be your comparable. Then create assumed floor areas and dimensions for a subject property. Give the comparable property a rent on given lease terms and then analyse this rent to give a figure In Terms of Zone A, use this figure to value your subject.
  • Create a further comparable to show a yield applicable to freehold property in this location.
  • Assuming your property is rack rented value this using the yield above (provide an income flow diagram and clear workings). (This figure could inform the guide price suggested in the catalogue for the property)
  • Then following on from your answer to question 4, assume the property is actually reversionary. Assume a rent and time period for the term before reverting to the full rent at reversion. Value this using a term and reversion or hardcore top-slice approach. Again provide an income flow diagram and fully reason your answer.
  • You are asked to arrive at an anticipated sale price for a plot of development land to be included in the catalogue. The land is to be valued using a residual method. It is considered suitable for a small four unit industrial scheme. Anticipated rentals are £45 per metre squared (net) whilst build costs are estimated at £100 per metre (gross), an applicable yield is 8% and the scheme is assumed to take 18 months from now to completion. You are to assume a finance rate of 9%. Using this information and other assumptions that you feel are necessary provide a valuation of the site.
  • A currently trading hotel is offered to you for inclusion in the sale on a freehold basis. Your head of department asks you to prepare a note (circa 800 words) on how this property may be valued – what technique would you use – what are the anticipated problems and pitfalls with this approach.