Select one of the segments of the teen market

1. Select one of the segments of the teen market that you described in Project #1.  Write a Copy Strategy, also known as a Creative Brief, for a new brand of sneaker targeted at that market.  Be creative.  Your new sneaker can have any name, any benefit (competitive advantage), any product attributes that you think will appeal to your target market.  You will essentially be filling in the blue parts of the form.
2. Write a Cover Memo to your boss for your new sneaker.  You might begin: “Attached is the Copy Strategy for the new _____ sneaker.”  You may go on to tell him/her anything you want to highlight or explain about your Copy Strategy in a couple of paragraphs.  That part is optional.
You must describe what media you would select to promote your new sneaker and why, based on your Copy Strategy.  This should be two or three paragraphs at most.  Or you could use bullet points.  The whole Memo should be less than two pages.
For example, your sneaker might enhance athletic performance.  You might therefore want to have a celebrity athlete as a spokesperson.  You could feature the spokesperson in advertising (TV? cable? radio? newspapers? magazines? billboards?).  You could have a sweepstakes (on the Internet?) where the prize would be a training day with the spokesperson.    Again, be creative.
In summary, this Project will consist of 2-3 pieces of paper:
1. Copy Strategy (1 page, landscape format); and
2. Cover Memo to your boss containing your media selection
and reasons why (2 pages maximum, portrait format).