Service Management Essay

Service Management Essay;

“Service, both poor and outstanding, has a strong emotional
impact upon us as customers, creating intense feelings
about the organisation, its staff and its services, and
influencing our loyalty to it.”
(Wirtz & Johnston, 2003, p.10)
? As an expert customer, evaluate a service
encounter by conducting a RATER(RELIABILITY, ASSURANCE, TANGIBLES, Empathy, RESPONSIVENESS) audit.
? Discuss your experience in relation to the above
quote as well as relevant Service Management
concepts (RATER, Customer Types, Quality Gaps)
? You must support your discussion with reference to
course Readings and other research.
? Service encounters must be experienced by YOU
for reflection during weeks 1-5 of the current term,
so please factor this into your time schedule.
? Solid business support examples from your RATER
evaluation must be used; not solely definitions of
? Theoretical support from course notes, Readings
and other research must be included to support your
? Your essay must be written in the third person