SharePoint Website Evaluation

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

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How to design an e-learning website in SharePoint that follow the design principles and guidelines?


Evaluate the design of an e-Leaning web application (SharePoint) that is following the principles and guidelines for e learning.


Appropriate guidance at the course design stage.

Visual design principles for eLearning (visual considerations)


How an eLearning website in SharePoint can be developed?

Evaluate the implementation of an e-learning website in SharePoint,

The website is an online tutorials for web design courses ( HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript)


Using all SharePoint features, publishing feature, , search web part, form web part, , and content roll up web part, note board web part, Survey app, glossary app, course submission,  Tutor feedbackSocial media….


  • Design: simple design with less graphic
  • Navigation:  Home, About us, Courses, Students and login
  • Layout:  Page Master to set up the pages
  • Content: A page for each course including text, videos, quizzes, survey, feedback and course submission.
  • Features: List, Permissions, Discussion forum, Infopath Forms, Workflow, SharePoint designer.
  • Panopto software for the creating the coursevideos


The tools used to support various types of eLearning activities, searching, managing, and sharing content.


The learning aspects describe the activities involve during the implementation of eLearning website.


How the learning activities should be presented?

LMS is used to support delivery of learning by providing space for information sharing and collaboration activities.


Usability and standard compliance, constraint/ Scorm



What is the main consideration in eLearning website implementation process?

What is the consideration on the user? (Further education students)?


What is the consideration on the tools of SharePoint and technology?


The importance of understanding learning experiences

Testing stage

Testing plan: create a testing plan for SharePoint eLearning website


Evaluate the testing of all features used in SharePoint website


  • Reliability testing
  • Usability testing
  • Efficiency testing
  • Performance testing
  • Compatibility testing