Show and sell

Show and sell

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Your Mission Promotable assignment for this module consists of two parts:

PART 1: Examine the art direction for your chosen brand. How well does your chosen brand communicate visually? Provide a breakdown of how your brand uses or does not use each of the following art director tools:

Graphic design/typeography
Considering the integration of all these elements, does your brand effectively follow the rule, “Show, Don’t Tell”? Why or why not?

PART 2: Next, using Dan Roam’s six ways of seeing and showing, a.k.a., “The <6><6> Rule” outlined in Sessions 10-12 of this module ( I will upload the visual), use simple visuals to help unlock two key challenges for your chosen brand:

The main problem your brand faces with its current art direction.
The solution you propose for your brand to enhance, improve, or completely revise its art direction.
Grab a Sharpie and a notepad and draw your way through the process. Be bold. See what happens. Convince the class of your ideas.