Social Learning and Development

Response to the following questions based on the following readings and online content. Use a variety of resources to support ideas that are not your own.
– chapter 7 from Dowling (2014)
– Case Study: Datler, W., Datler, M. & Funder, A. (2010) Struggling against a feeling of becoming lost: a young boy’s painful transition to day care, Infant Observation, 13(1), 65-87
– (strange situation)
(stress – Life at One series)
– (circle of security)
– (circle of security)

Questions based on case study (Valentine):
1. How must Valentine be feeling inside most of the time he is at childcare?
2. What does Valentine’s outwardly observable behaviour tell you about what he needs from childcare educators?
3. What would you do if you were Valentine’s educator?
4. Where on the ‘Circle of Security’ is Valentine most of the time and where do you think the childcare educators are? Is there a break in the cycle somewhere?

Question – Describe how you see the theory connecting with your practice
1. How would you define attachment, trust and belonging?
2. What factors do you think contribute to the fostering of a secure

attachment relationship between a child and an adult?
3. What do you think we should be looking for at the centre to help them with their focus on attachment and relationship-building?