Social Marketing And Ethical Issues Of Binge-Drinking

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Social Marketing of Binge-Drinking. 
a) Use social marketing and behavioural change theory to evaluate how the issue has been addressed

b) To propose alternative social marketing/behaviour change approaches to the tackling the problem

Report Question:
Discuss the following statement: Working in a global landscape, multinational organisations are faced with challenges that are related to human resource management. Identify and evaluate a selection of these challenges. Suggest ways in which multinationals can work to address or deal with these challenges.

assignment should:
1. Follow a report format.
2. academic resources that relevant to IHRM.
3.Include relevant books, websites in addition to the journal articles.
4. Summarize, synthesize, or critique sources by discussing a common theme or issue.
5. You should evaluate the sources.
6. Provide subheadings and other background information, such as definitions and/or a history.
7. Be aware the assignment is an academic work, which basically means you must adhere to logic structure and elegant editing style. 

the report should be :
1. Planning 
selecting and weighing relevant and reliable evidence, and structuring valid arguments based on that evidence showing discrimination in selecting key points and summarising the issues; a coherent, logical ‘flow’ of arguments from one point to the next; no point discussed in excess of its relevance to the main question.

2. Content – demonstrating a broad and deep knowledge of the substantive subject-matter, including but not limited to the set textbooks and readings, particularly those most relevant to the question: covering all major viewpoints relating to the set question or your own selected topic.

3. Content – Analysis – demonstrating your own independent and critical thinking in reaching conclusions (e.g., not merely ‘parroting’ arguments, or making untested assumptions, on matters open to dispute).

4. Referencing – Accurate citation of references using the Harvard referencing system.